Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

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Product Details
Product Details

Flexi Shaft Extensions can be bent, twisted, and rotated at many different angles. It can be used to drill into a small space, in a variety of gaps, to get more flexibility during installation works. This flexible drill bit extension tool helps you with a variety of household works.

The inner shaft of the extension has a wide range of rotation combined with reliable stability. When the inner shaft rotates, the flexible black casing protects your hands from being hurt.

Three differently sized extensions make sure to provide the required length for various works.

Flexi Shaft Extensions are compatible with Drills, Small Wrench, Cordless Screwdriver, Pneumatic Screwdriver, Torque drill, Electric screwdriver.  

Top Motor Merch 1412-ea996e1b2eb7851f83e52e13cec62954 Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill is an irreplaceable helper to reach out for drilling works in tight and hard to reach spaces.

High-quality plastic and metal materials are combined for a good quality assurance product.

Top Motor Merch 1412-83f0b43000effa978d8885d3c0a522a7 Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Reach under the table, in tight corners, behind the sofa, and anywhere else easily!

Top Motor Merch 1412-1156a9c07e978b59b68795f4dbad48ba Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill is a multi-use tool – it can be attached to drill, impact or multi  screwdriver

Top Motor Merch 1412-57684cb1ced77e9acd35aacbef285aef Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill bends, twists, and turns to use the drill in the tight and confined spaces with ease.

It is offered in 3 sizes to serve according to your requirements.

Top Motor Merch 1412-df4c483eb32252719e232a0407046822 Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Sizes: 7.87 in / 200mm, 11.6 in / 295mm, 15.7 in / 400mm

Top Motor Merch 1412-d1d7422f48031e60f7089008f815c8f7 Flexi Shaft Extension For Drill

Package Includes:

3 x Flexi Shaft Extensions For Drill


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